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Cruisin' the mother road

In her glory days, she was fondly known as the Mother Road, a safe haven for all those seeking comfort and a newfound destination. Though her good days have passed as new roads have been paved, there is an allure about her that brings curious onlookers, photographers, history-maniacs, and the casual traveler. Young or old, it seems that there are no limits to those who love her and all that she meant to our country. She is a piece of Americana. She has weathered it all. Route 66 is a cultural being.

Dad and I are making the journey this Spring--probably the first of many. Follow our trip through our site and be sure to provide us feedback.

Stay tuned as we continue to update the site.

4/20 - Updated photos and blog

4/22 (AM) - Updated photos and blog

4/25 (AM) - Updated pictures. I promise more when I get home.

4/26 - Put up a few more pictures. BE SURE TO CHECK BACK! I'll organize our pictures when we get home and put up a pretty good library. I hope these can hold you over till then!