Trip details:

April 18 - 27
April 18 - Flying, renting car, hitting the road

Rest of trip agenda TBD


About Us

I would say that Dad has more hobbies than me, but one that we have in common is photography. Traveling and capturing those sights in an image to be remembered forever. There never seems to be enough time for hobbies though. Like I mentioned--Dad has plenty. His old Nova, motorcycle, and airplane. And then throw in Dad's self-owned business, going to the gym, and playing with the pup. This is a welcome vacation.

As for myself, it's nice to have a mini escape from the every day stress and frustration. I work for a large defense company and am have been increasingly busy the longer I continue to work there. I guess that really isn't a complaint, is it? I enjoy traveling anywhere, all the time, and have found many ways to see the world. I'm going to Paris in June for work!

We're ordinary people with an interest in seeing our country in all its glory. Seven years ago Dad and I drove around the "West" and took photos. That was when the Route 66 trip was hatched. An offhand comment by my dad wasn't forgotten and as a Christmas gift this year, it became a dream come true. I don't know how I'll top this gift next year!


Videos to be added soon.