Did you know...

...Route 66 crossed eight states? Kansas only has about 20 miles of the Mother Road.


Monrovia, CA - Aztec Hotel - On the National Register of Historic Places

Azusa, CA - All the remains of the theater. The rest was destroyed for a college.

Fontana, CA - Bono's Restaurant. Cute! I want one!

Oro Grande, CA - There were hundreds of poles with bottles.

? CA - Look at the roof shape!

Amboy, CA - Roy's - No longer in business - in the middle of nowhere. Really.

East of Amboy, CA - Shoe tree! Referred to as "public art"

Kingman, AZ - Most everything in this town relates to 66.

Everywhere 66 has gone, there has been a BNSF line next to us and trains running constantly

Hackberry, AZ - You drive a long time and then, there is the Hackberry General Store.

Hackberry, AZ - I loved the Hackberry!

Seligman, AZ - "World Famous" Snow Cap Drive-In

Twin Arrows, AZ - Used to be a gas station.

Winslow, AZ - La Posada Hotel - On National Register of Historic Places

Jackrabbit, AZ - A big bunny

Jackrabbit, AZ - Here it is!

Albuquerque, NM - Albuquerque loves their Route 66! It was so nice to see!

New Mexico - Water runs toward the Pacific west of here and water runs to the Gulf of Mexico east of here.

Gallup, NM - Great preserved hotel

Albuquerque, NM - Yes, its a Route 66 Casino, complete with a huge gas pump sign.

Catoosa, OK - A nice little rest area with a fiberglass whale

Formerly, Kobel's Place -- I'll have to go back and see where this was

Middle of Nowhere, MO - Again, i'll get specifics on the location later

The Rest Haven Motel - Love that old sign

Arcadia, OK - Cool, weird barn

Here we are at the Catoosa Whale

Cuba, Missouri - Known as Mural Capitol of Route 66... and they mean it! I think I counted at least 12!

Meramec Caverns utilized barns as billboards by painting their cavern information like advertisements

Rural Missouri - Dad near a bridge in the background

I'm in the same spot as Dad

Springfield, MO - Mosaics

Dad was eager to get this picture of the A&W Root Beer family